Michael A. Lienhard and Josh Hartman's Interview about JUMP THE MOON with Susan Lewis from WRTI

Michael A. Lienhard's Interview about BY YOU THAT MADE ME, FRANKENSTEIN with Susan Lewis from WRTI

Michael A. Lienhard's Interview about BY YOU THAT MADE ME, FRANKENSTEIN with Lauren Lipton from CBS KYW


JUMP THE MOON - Fall 2015

"A minimalist black-box design and edgy expressionist style break the boundaries of linear time and space." Deb Miller - Phindie

"A quantum leap in entertaining." Lisa Panzer - Phindie

Sketches of the production from Aaron Krolikowski - The Sketchbook Reporter


"The Philadelphia Opera Collective definitely has something going here!" David Patrick Sterns -  The INQUIRER

"Another success in a growing catalogue of original world-premiere works by the dazzling Philadelphia Opera Collective." Deb Miller - Phindie

The real world and fantasy collide in the imaginative opera  Tara Lynn Johnson - Broad Street Review


“This is a new generation of opera—intimate and creative, while ever masterful in music and voice–that will appeal to both aficionados and newcomers alike.” Deb Miller - Phindie

Best corpses: OPERA MACABRE (Philadelphia Opera Collective) – Deb Miller – Best of the 2013 FestPhindie

“…captures all the hair-raising suspense and psychological disturbance of Edgar Allan Poe’s short stories and unsettled mind.” Deb Miller - Phindie

“The close-range performance, often mere inches from the front-row seats, is personal and inclusive, at times directly addressing the audience.” Deb Miller - Phindie

“Lienhard, Somers, and Crystal Charles are particularly eloquent.” Deb Miller - Phindie

“fully accessible and comprehensible.” Deb Miller - Phindie

“OPERA MACABRE fully succeeds in transporting the audience to another time and a different state of mind.” Deb Miller - Phindie

THE CONSUL - Fall 2012

"Screw Donizetti, this is how madness should be done: Not as a gorgeous four-minute aria followed by shouts of brava, but agonizingly drawn out, surreal and deeply affecting." Emily Guendelsberger - City Paper

"I cried twice." Emily Guendelsberger - City Paper

"The emotive cast members, whose acting abilities are on a par with their singing, are mere inches away from the audience, in such close proximity that they look at us, sing to us, implore us, and directly involve us in their characters’ human tragedy." Deb Miller - Stage Magazine

"audience members won’t need a tux." - Jess Fuerst - South Philly Review

"Presented in a small art gallery with the audience surrounding the action, Menotti’s story of working-class people searching for freedom and economic liberty should resonate strongly in our current divisive political climate."  J. Cooper Robb - Philadelphia Weekly

“It’s a nightmare portrait of our country as it continues to turn human beings into numbers, and lives into case studies." Director Brenna Geffers quoted by Mark Cofta of City Paper

"Under Brenna Geffers’ powerful direction, THE CONSUL should retain all of its original edge, grit, and relevance." Deb Miller - Stage Magazine


“This was my first opera and I am in complete awe of how great it was,” Christine Mehlbaum, an audience member said. “[I felt like] more than just an audience member – I felt like an extended cast member.” 

"Collective makes opera accessible to masses." Shanell Simmons - Temple News