Shadow House
Sep 22

Shadow House

  • Powel House

Philadelphia Opera Collective & PhilaLandmarks are pleased to announce…


Shadow House

A fully immersive chamber opera

Libretto by Brenna Geffers  

Where:  The Powell House – 244 S. 3rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

When:  September 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 15th, 16th, 18th, 19th, 21st, 22nd @8pm


Director:  Brenna Geffers                       

Music Director: Josh Hartman              


Peggy Shippen- 1790s – Kristy Slough

Charles Stedman – 1790s – Sean Lally

The Help- 1820s – Emilie Krause

Minnie Cadwalader Rawle- 1880s – Crystal Charles

Wolf Keblansky- 1920s – Michael A. Lienhard

David, Wolf’s nephew – 1920s – Anthony Crosby

Edith Standen- 1940s – Kirsten C. Kunkle

Robert Weston- 1960s – Brendan Norton

Eedie Fen- 1960s – Richard Chan

Frances Wister- 1920s – Maryruth Stine

Elizabeth- 2010s. – Kayla Grasser


Want to know more about the show?

For the first time in Philadelphia, audiences must leave their seats and craft their own experience with an operatic performance. The POC has recruited an ensemble of classically trained opera singers and experimental theater artists to take on 11 stories that span more than two hundred years of Powel House history.  The work will blur the lines between opera and theatre and create a wholly theatrical production that incorporates original music, with the action taking place immersively throughout the entire house. The music will include folk pieces, dance rhythms, accordion music and opera with a libretto that is fully conceived by Brenna Geffers.

This year’s production with take place in the historic Powel House in conjunction with PhilaLandmarks. This unique partnership allows for the Powel House to move beyond being a tourist attraction and to once again be part of the living breathing history that Philadelphians take so much pride in.  

For further information on the production, please visit one of our websites by following this links:!shadow-house-opera-at-powel-house/ay6sc 


We hope you will join us...keep reading to find out how! But please note, capacity is limited each night (40 "seats") if you are interested, purchase your tickets quickly. We have already been listed as a "top pick" for the FringeArts Festival on phindie and we will be getting more press coverage in the coming weeks:


4 Ways to Join us for Shadow House!!

1. Kick-Off Garden Party (fundraiser)


      SUNDAY, AUGUST 14th

      Powel House Garden from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

·         Live music provided by members of the Philadelphia Opera Collective

·         Cocktails provided by Tamworth Distillery

·          Meet the artistic team behind the production

·         Free tours of the Powel Hous

2. Be the FIRST...join us for PRE-opening night! 

      $40/ ticket (only 40 tickets available!)


Tamworth Cocktails in the Powel Garden at 7:30, followed by Shadow House at 8:00 P

3. Meet & Greet VIP Party

       $50/ticket (only 40 tickets available!)


·         Tamworth Distillery Cocktails

·         Chairman's Choice Wine

·          light hors d'oeuvres in the garden at 7:30 PM

·          Shadow House at 8:00 PM

·         Meet the POC after the show!

To Purchase tickets to any of these events listed above, please follow this link:

4. Attend One of the Public Performances: 

Tickets available through the FringeArts Website by following this link:


And before you go...there are TWO more things you can do to help us make this production of Shadow House a success: 

1. We are still fundraising for this project! If you believe in this type of programming...won't you consider a donation? All contributions will go toward paying the actors and theatre artists who created Shadow House. We are grateful for any level of contribution, just follow this link and scroll down to the donate section:

2. SHARE SHARE SHARE!! Word of mouth is the best way for us to sell tickets to all our private events and public shows. Please share this email with interested friends or follow the links below to share on social media! 

THANK YOU!  We hope to see you soon at the Powel House!!

By You That Made Me Frankenstein
Sep 21

By You That Made Me Frankenstein

  • Franklin Inn Club

When a young Mary Shelly ran away to the home of mad poet, Lord Byron, an infamous writer’s circle began. In the long nights of drinking, ghost stories, and Free Love – both Frankenstein and the Vampyre were born. A World Premier Opera staged site-specifically in the intimate parlor of Philadelphia's oldest writer’s club.

Music by - Reese Revak & Josh Hartman

Libretto by - Brenna Geffers


Mary Shelley - Kristy Joe Slough

Lord Byron - Brendan Norton

John Polidori - William McGlone

Claire Clairmont - Crystal Charles

Percy Bysshe Shelley - Joseph Cianciulli

Dr. Frankenstein – Kirsten C. Kunkle

Monster – Michael A. Lienhard





Opera Macabre: Edgar Allan Poe
Sep 20

Opera Macabre: Edgar Allan Poe

  • The Adrienne Theatre Playground

Enter the world of the original Master of Suspense, Edgar Allan Poe. Opera Macabre brings 3 of Poe’s classics to life with the haunting beautiful House of Usher, the cleverly poetic Music of the Spheres, and the wickedly funny Black Cat.  90 minutes of the most visceral and engaging operati performances you will see this year!


Music by Reese Revak
Libretto by Alison Hoban, Brenna Geffers, Isabel Lowney Brouhard, Michael A. Lienhard & Ross Beschler


Director - Brenna Geffers
Producer - Michael A. Lienhard
Maestro - Reese Revak

Accordion - Michael A. Lienhard

Upright Bass - Jess Molan

Puppetry - Jordan Montram & Alison Hoban


Opera Macabre: Edgar Allan Poe

          Act 1 – Fall of the House of Usher
Narrator: Michael A. Lienhard
Usher: TBA
Madeline: Isabel Lowney Brouhard

Intermezzo: Music of the Spheres
Kirsten Kunkle

Act 2 – The Black Cat
Narrator: Chadwick Edward Somers III
Wife: Crystal Charles

$15 Students and Seniors $20 General Admin

 Performances -

September 13th & 14th at 8pm

September 15th @ 3pm

September 19th @ 11:59pm

Purchase tickets here!